Joey Graziano painting the town colors at City House Hostel New Orleans

We had the pleasure of working with Joey as City House Hostel New Orleans was opening.  Always glad to see talent being recognized!

From a recent post on NoticeAbility 

We’d like to introduce you to some inspiring dyslexic artists and entrepreneurs from the NoticeAbility community. The first is Joey Graziano:

“I grew up getting into trouble quite often as a kid at school for writing my last name and the names of my favorite sports teams on the desks, windows, floors, playground, etc.

As a teenager I began to pick up a spray can, and i started tagging bridges, trains, and walls. I frequently ran into trouble with the law as well as with my mother at home. I learned along the way that not only did I have a nack for trouble, but I also had a special talent, I could naturally paint things at a larger scale more easily than an average person could. I then realized I was able to create large murals at a very fast speed.

In my recent adult years I’ve painted murals across the United States and in the Islands of Fiji. I have painted walls by commission in North New Jersey, Chicago Metro Area, Washington, D.C., Newport News, Virginia, Richmond, Virginia, Midlothian, Virginia, New Orleans, Louisiana, Labasa, Fiji, & the Village of Mouta, Fiji.

To give an idea of the speed and scale I work at, this past May I painted 6 murals for City House Hostel in New Orleans in a matter of 2 days. Earlier that same week I had painted a car garage in Englewood, New Jersey. The wall I painted in New Jersey took me 8 hours to do. Examples of these works can be found on my sites.

I hope to continue on my quest as an artist traveling the world painting murals and following my dreams. Being dyslexic has given me advantages in being an artist, but also as an entrepreneur. I believe channeling my ADHD through meditation and exercise has given me extra energy and advantages in seeing and executing my vision on my goals in life.

I like many dyslexic kids, did not grow up thinking I’d go to college, however I always had a passion for basketball. The only real reason I started college was to play basketball my freshman year at the College of Mount St Vincent in The Bronx, NY. I just recently received my bachelors in urban planning & studies from Virginia Commonwealth University last spring and the knowledge I learned in urban planning classes has enhanced the concepts of my mural paintings, making me a better and more conscious artist, as well as human being.”

What do you think folks? A limited edition NoticeAbility T-Shirt design?