Group Booking

The more, the merrier! Take the hassle out of making a group booking and let us do it for you. Our dedicated teams will make sure that your group stay is booked and managed with ease.

Our group offer:

  • Discount for Multi-City Reservations
  • Dedicated Groups Coordinator
  • Fast and simple quote
  • Free bed linen and luggage storage
  • Allocated pick-up and drop-off point for coaches
  • Pick of rooms, from twins to twelve-bed dorms
  • 18+ bar events curated by our Events Coordinators

Please Note: Everyone checking in to City House Hostels will need photo ID as guests under 18 are not able to stay in shared dorms. Sorry…it’s the law.

Simply fill in our easy form below and a member of our group reservation team will be in contact with you!

Shoot us an email and let’s figure it out!