Work with City House

Work With City House

Please read each section below – it describes what City House is all about, what we’re looking, work permit / visa requirements, and FLSA information. At the bottom is a handy-dandy link to the application!


We are a small, family owned youth / travelers hostel in search of AWESOME people who are looking for a free place to live in one of our amazing cities in exchange for help with our guests!

(Interested in the legalities of that? Check out the FINE PRINT below! It’s not pretty, but it’s print.)

If you’re looking for a cookie cutter or anything illegal – that ain’t us! But if you’re looking for place to meet, to mingle, to grow, and to explore? Read on!

FREE: nightly happy hour
FREE: shared meals
FREE: bed to sleep in
FREE: bedding and blankets
FREE: beautiful kitchen with granite and stainless appliances
FREE: shared TV room with cable, games, movies, and more
FREE: coffee and tea
FREE: local calls
FREE: events you can join in 7 nights per week


We are a boutique youth / travelers hostel and housing concept for students, interns, and youth travelers at an affordable nightly price. We have a really nice building in the hippest part of every city we live and work in.

Additionally you’ll have the chance to meet amazing fellow students, interns, and travelers from all over the world! We also provide coffee, tea, a ton of fun and free stuff to do… 

The staff room IS shared – it’s all communal living here! 

The room you share will be just you and your fellow staff members – so it is private in that sense. 

There is storage space for your clothing and small items, but don’t plan on bringing a lot of “stuff”.


You will be expected to be “on duty” for 32 hours per week maximum! On average 18-25hrs. 

The ‘shifts’ we’re looking to fill are ANY of the following:
Midnight – 6am
6am – 12 noon
12 noon – 6pm
6pm – Midnight

This is a job. 
This is NOT JUST a job!

You’ll be here to check guests in, answer questions, and help with some basic cleaning tasks. The vast majority of your responsibility is about ensuring that your guests feel warmly welcomed, comfortably at home, and safe at all times. Not a bad gig so far, right?

If you’ve traveled internationally – that’s a benefit, but certainly not a requirement. Just be willing to bring a POSITIVE ATTITUDE, be a TEAM PLAYER, and really enjoy getting to meet new and interesting people from all over the world! 


Super friendly, outgoing, and reliable are the qualities we are seeking! We can’t stress this enough — RELIABLE, WARM, OUTGOING, AND GREGARIOUS! 

Remember that’s we said at the beginning? We weren’t kidding – it is really THAT important to us!


We *are* a hostel and boutique lodging lifestyle – so we really do love our guests from all over the world. Unfortunately, we are not as easily able to HIRE everyone, even though we’d like to, because that’s the way our government requires it to be.

We love you all though!

Non-US Citizens must possess a valid work permit and necessary visa documents.

All applicants will be required to provide a valid government ID and Social Security Card prior to being hired.

FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT & Department of Labor Compliance:

Under Section 3(m) of the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) when calculating the “reasonable cost” of furnishing board, lodging or other facilities to the employees. More specifically, according to the applicable regulations (i.e., 29 C.F.R. §§ 531.3(c) & 531.32(a)), Sections 30c03 and 30c06 of the Department of Labor (“DOL”)’s Field Operations Handbook, and the DOL’s FLSA Section 14(c) Advisor, we are offering housing in exchange for work.

Your hours worked will still be tracked and tallied.

Your hours worked multiplied by minimum wage will be the total payroll owed to you.

Any pay accrued during the pay period that is in excess of the wage credit allowed according to the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Department of Labor will be paid out.

All hours worked, payroll earned, and wage credits claimed will be issued to you each payroll cycle for your records.

Interested in joining the team?